You Can Influence Super Sonico’s Personality In SoniPro For Nintendo 3DS

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It sounds like common sense: A heavy metal fan is not the same as a classical fan, nor do they even dress the same when they’re at their respective concerts. So why should Super High College School Level Idol and Model Super Sonico be any different?


In her upcoming idol-production and communication game SoniPro (Super Sonico In Production in full) on the Nintendo 3DS, the player’s choice of music for the idol to sing will slowly change the “color” of the Nitroplus mascot.



There are three different colors corresponding to how Sonico behaves and reacts. First up is Peach, which turns Sonico into a super energetic and passionate lass. To do so you should pick pop rock and energetic tunes.



Black, for the heavy metal and heavy rock fans who give her those types of powerfully vigorous music titles.



And White, which turns Sonico into a gentle soul full of sympathy and kindness. You should apparently pick the “cute” kinds of music. Would Kyary Pamyu Pamyu count?



Beyond songs, what choices you make in terms of conversational topics and responses will also slowly edge her towards the alignment of your choice.



Jobs that you schedule in for her in the weekly calendar schedule can also affect it. For instance, choosing live lessons for her to practice her singing and dancing will edge her, inexplicably, to Black.



Gravure lessons, however, will edge her towards White points.



If you choose to have her work in various other forms of productions such as filming as an actress, however, she’ll edge towards Peach.



Finally, while it’s a tough time with her schedule, there are days off where you can enjoy simply going out with her on dates.


First press orders can get a bonus “Pastel Stripe” costume in the game. SoniPro will arrive on the Nintendo 3DS May 29th.

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