You Can Play This Fast-Paced 2D Doujin Fighting Game For Free



Colors Party ~ Lost in Eater is a new doujin 2D fighting game that you can download and play on Windows for free.


It has eight playable characters that you can try out in Arcade and Versus Modes. Each character is actually a pair, as they all have alternative color personalities that leap out from inside of them during fights – they’re tied to a button.


Otherwise, it’s a fairly typical fast-paced fighting game with lots of combos to discover, aerial juggling, attack cancelling, and recovers. You’ll also build a rage bar during fights to unleash even bigger combos when full.



Unfortunately, the game is only available in Japanese language, and the manual is also in Japanese. So you’ll have to learn how to play it through intuition, although it should be pretty easy to pick up for anyone who has played a fighting game before.


You can download Colors Party ~ Lost in Eater on You can also find more information on its website. It is playable with a keyboard and a gamepad.

Chris Priestman