You Can Play A Small Slice Of Hyper Light Drifter Right Now For $25

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Heart Machine has extended the limited preview access of its 2D action-RPG Hyper Light Drifter to the end of October, and it’s also available to everyone.


Originally, the preview access was limited to those who backed the game on Kickstarter over a single weekend in order for them to check out the game’s progress so far, and to provide valuable feedback.


Now, it’s open to anyone who purchases it for $25 on the Heart Machine website through the Humble Store widget (only for Windows, Mac, and Linux). Paying the $25 also gets you the final version of the game with a companion art book and manual PDFs.


The preview build gives you a “slimmed-down slice” from early on in the single player game that should last you between one to two hours. Not all of the game’s systems have been implemented yet, making it a bit easier to get through than this slice will be in the final version of the game due next year.


Heart Machine strongly advises that you use a gamepad to play the Hyper Light Drifter preview. It also adds that “left trigger is aim, B shoots your secondary weapon, Y swaps between the two weapons you can carry.”


Other than that, if you’re willing to pay up, enjoy battling through a beautiful, ruined world as a Drifter, collecting forgotten technologies and broken histories. You’ll be travelling towards the lands of Buried Time to discover a way to keep the vicious disease eating you up from eroding your being so quickly.

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