You Can’t Always Be A Badass Mech In Project Nimbus

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Nope, you simply can’t. Eventually, even the best of us get smacked in the head, and that’s what happens to you as well. Ending up in a prison ship, it doesn’t take too long to break out of your bonds and steal a basic mech to pilot in the latest preview video from the developers behind Project Nimbus.



The sci-fi mech flyer starts off the preview by showing off what happens when you’re stuck in more claustrophobic confines with nothing more than a puny machine gun and a basic missile launcher, before finally being able to pick up your original mech after busting out.

Which is funny, because we make quick work of everything else shortly after. Particularly interesting is to watch how the mechs actually look nimble and limber, with moves and agility that reflect how they’re built. The prison mechs are chunky and clunky and bang around the walls pretty easily, but you can watch your own mech bend over or turn over sideways with ease. It’s a subtle touch, but not one mech fans will want to miss.


Project Nimbus is in development for PC and Mac.

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