We Can’t Stop Going Awwh At This Heartwarming Puzzle Game

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If the gentle pastel colors and simplistic-looking gameplay didn’t hint it to you, Solve and Advance! Riddle Castle is a Nintendo 3DS game aimed for kids trying their first few forays into the gaming puzzle world.


Featuring the absolutely adorable stuffed toy rabbit Lappy and Mark the bear, players have to control them and get them both to the exit safely to escape the fluffy-but-puzzle-filled Riddle castle.


Lappy’s able to jump high into the sky, while Mark the bear is able to push heavy objects. For Mark to reach higher locations, he’ll need to either find a lift or have Lappy help pull him up over the sides. Watching that happen is filling us with so much Dawwwhhh.



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As a children’s game, this isn’t intended to be tough at all, so don’t expect too much of a challenge. But if you’re in the market for something for your kids to perk up both their Japanese and their gaming skills and don’t really want more Hello Kitty in their life, this could be a good option.


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Solve and Advance! Riddle Castle will be out on Nintendo 3DS January 29th.


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