ragnar1We’re not sure when Ragnarok Odyssey is coming out in North America. We just asked a representative from Xseed who said "no release date has been set." Bummer, but you can play Ragnarok Odyssey in English on August 16.


Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong will release Ragnarok Odyssey with Chinese, Korean, and most importantly for Siliconera readers English text.


Ragnarok Odyssey (the Hong Kong version) also includes three expansion packs on the cart. You get the "Epic Weapons," "Sograt Desert," and "Online Multiplayer update" built into the game. If you’ve been playing the Japanese version you can transfer your save data from that version (as long as it’s created after version 1.3) into the English version of Ragnarok Odyssey.


First print copies include a Ragnarok Odyssey soundtrack, code to get a Gunslinger outfit (boosts HP and AP) and in some stores a PlayStation Vita pouch. You also get a TaeKwon Kid outfit (boosts attack and HP) if you purchase Ragnarok Odyssey within two months of the game’s release. It’s kind of unclear how SCEH will distribute the TaeKwon Kid costume.




Play-Asia is selling the Hong Kong version of Ragnarok Odyssey for $49.99 without the pouch, though.

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