Capcom Creates 44 Halloween Costumes For Ultra Street Fighter IV Characters

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Capcom often releases alternate costume or color DLC for Street Fighter games, and Ultra Street Fighter IV is no exception. However, a special batch is coming to the fighter on October 27. The company has prepared 44 Halloween-themed costumes, each with alternate color schemes.


The Ultra Street Fighter Halloween DLC ensures every character gets an alternate costume inspired by the holiday or horror series. These can be acquired all at once in a $19.99 Complete Horror Pack, or purchased in packs of 4-5 for $3.99 each. The separate packs are the 2014 Challengers Horror Pack, Arcade Challengers Horror Pack, Brawler Horror Pack, Challengers Horror Pack 1, Challengers Horror Pack 2, Classic Horror Pack, Femme Fatale Horror Pack, Shadoloo Horror Pack, and Shoryuken Horror Pack.


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People with the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Windows PC version of Ultra Street Fighter will be able to buy and begin using these costumes starting next week Tuesday.

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