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Capcom Devs Confirm 14 Returning Monster Hunter Rise Weapons


The Monster Hunter Rise weapons were confirmed via a slew of game news thanks to 4Gamer, Game Watch Impress, and Famitsu. The various outlets sat down for interviews with the game’s producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, and director, Yasunori Ichinose. Among the many details shared, the two confirmed the game will have 14 weapons, all of which are returning styles. We’ve translated and summarized the pertinent information on the upcoming title below.
From 4Gamer’s interview:

  • There will be 14 weapon styles. The Wirebug has different mechanics with each weapon, adding something new to every playstyle. The devs will show off more weapons and Wirebug play with them in the near future.
  • The Wirebug gameplay was born from the developers’ desire to make all traversal and hunting feel free and engaging. The Wirebug aspect fits the world-building.
  • Development took longer than usual, since it was the first time using RE Engine to make a Monster Hunter game.
  • The game’s Japanese/Asian aesthetic wasn’t overly considered—the devs simply made what they wanted to make. Furthermore, it was a way to differentiate the game from the recent Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Monster Hunter World.
  • The devs wanted to suit various playstyles, which helped them develop ways to traverse the world and hunt monsters.
  • They developed gameflow with the portability of the console in mind, hence no stamina for the Palamute.
  • The game will support amiibo outside of Monster Hunter Rise figures. Players can receive random items daily with them.
  • Some sort of collab with the Monster Hunter movie could be possible, but nothing to announce.

monster hunter rise weapons wirebug
From Game Watch’s interview:

  • The monsters that have been in the series up until now won’t be too different in behavior. However, keeping in-line with the world’s aesthetic, the devs often designed them with a Yokai theme (supernatural folkloric monsters).
  • The sound team wanted to give themselves an extra challenge. They added more voice clips to give the player character more personality, resulting in an anime feel. Players have the option to change the voices in the settings to the old voice clips if they’d like.
  • The devs wanted to expand the players’ freedom of choice. They say it’s a lot of work but it’s worth it, and fans appreciate it.
  • Palamute specializes in attacks and agile movements while the Palico specializes in healing and traps.
  • The devs still have a ton of information to share between now and release.

monster hunter rise weapons palamute
From Famitsu’s interview:

  • There will be no borders on the field. Furthermore, there will be no loading to bog down the experience when going out on a quest.
  • Monster Hunter Rise started pre-planning right after development on Monster Hunter Generations ended. The devs were able to further refine things thanks to development on Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.
  • Monster Hunter Rise was simultaneously in development with Monster Hunter World. They shared ideas between the two.
  • Though the four monsters introduced so far are Japanese-themed with a Yokai aesthetic, not all monsters will have a Japanese feel.
  • Inspirations for Magnamalo’s design were Japanese will-o’-wisps (Onibi) and a suit of armor worn by the dead.
  • Inspiration for Great Izuchi’s design was a weasel-like Yokai (Kamaitachi).
  • Inspirations for Tetranadon’s design were frogs and imp-like Yokai (Kappa). It also moves similar to a Sumo wrestler.
  • Inspirations for Aknosom’s design were cranes and parasol Yokai (Kasa-obake).

Monster Hunter Rise will launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. As a reminder, the game won’t support the Nintendo Switch Online app’s voice chat.

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