Capcom Discusses Deep Down’s Story, Graphics And Multiplayer

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Deep Down is an upcoming PlayStation 4 online multiplayer game, which is set in 2094 in New York, where players will explore dungeons and collect memories, while fighting dragons and other beasts. In a recent video from the PlayStation 4 Creator’s Interview series, executive producer Yoshinori Ono shares the latest on the game.



Ono starts the interview by stating that Capcom would like to challenge their new IP with a completely different worldview than any of their other titles. Deep Down will revolve around a group of people who have special abilities, known as the “Ravens”.


The group are originally from New York, in the year 2094, and from there they’ll be traveling to different places of various eras to investigate and see what was going on during those times. According to Ono, questions such as “What happened in this era? Why did these people gather? Why are they doing this?” will be answered as you advance through the game—not only in solo mode, but multiplayer as well.


Ono states that Deep Down will be an online game at its core, which he hopes can fully utilize the PlayStation 4’s online capabilities. This includes creating stages that can visually impress the players.



Deep Down is quite realistic, and we’re currently working on the visual display to be as close as it gets to photorealism. Within it, you’ll have things that get soiled or deteriorate. Everything deteriorates; for example, the rear end of my Blanka is already starting to fade,” expresses Ono, as he explains that the PlayStation 4 will be capable of showing such details and more, thanks to its high specs and processing speed.


According to Ono, the goal of Deep Down’s visual presentation is to bring an experience where players can feel a connection between real life objects, and those that are seen in the TV screen. Since Deep Down is going to be an online title, Capcom will be placing a lot of importance on the words “administration” and “continuation”.


“Once you get people to start playing an online game, I believe that you’ll want them to play for a long time, whether it’s for a year or two,” Ono explains. “In order to have people play for a long time, you’ll need things such as periodic updates and ongoing work for major updates, which are all things that are currently part of our administrative plans.”


Capcom will also be working on on a way to utilize the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita’s connectivity through Remote Play, as they hope to expand the ways players will be able to enjoy the upcoming game.


For those of you who prefer single player games, or aren’t quite used to 2013-09-17_040937playing online, Deep Down won’t be forcing you to step out of your comfort zone.


“While Deep Down has been announced as an online game, it is not completely online-based, and you’ll also be able to play solo,” shares Ono. “The people who think ‘the threshold of online games are still a bit too high,’ will be able to start out solo. Then maybe once they get more comfortable and used to the way it’s played, they’ll be able to play with other Ravens, whether it’s with two or three others. We’ve prepared dungeons for such occasions. We’ll be making more announcements soon, and it would bring me great pleasure if you could all look forward to it.”


Deep Down is currently in development for PlayStation 4. We will also be hearing more about it when the game is shown at Tokyo Game Show.

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