Capcom Opens Twitter Account For Their Visual Effects Section

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There’s been a trend of Capcom opening up its doors in order to get more video game fans to know about the people behind the games, with their Dev 1 team opening its own Twitter a while back, and this month, Capcom has followed suit with a new account for its visual effects section.


In this account, Capcom will be tweeting out facts and screenshots of the VFX they create in action, so that people can know more about what their team does.


capcom vfx 2

Capcom VFX introduced which part of the game making process they partake in – the important process of brushing up animations, backgrounds, and character modeling with visual effects that match the style and world of the game. It’s an important task that enhances the reality and usability of the game.


capcom vfx 3

capcom vfx 4

Common things that require VFX are player characters and their weapons, which need to be flashy and refreshing; enemies, which actually might have the most effort put into them; stages and gimmicks, like water effects and other functions that really sell players on the environment; and event cutscenes, where some special unique effects might be created for the sake of the plot or more.


Finally, they posted a link to the making of the visual effects for Mega Man 11 as an example of what they do, which we’ve handily reported on here.


You can find the division’s Twitter (@CAPCOM_VFX) here.

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