Capcom Plans To Regularly Release Major IP Titles, Dormant IP, And Remakes



Capcom shared its overview of strategies and plans for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019 and it included plans on growth strategies that include regularly releasing titles for major IP, and more.


Here are some charts from Capcom’s growth strategies section of the overview:





Strategy for Stable Growth


Consumer Business: Expand lineup of new titles and build up back-catalog

  • New titles: Regularly release titles for major IP while also utilizing dormant IP and remakes
  • Catalog titles: Extend sales life of catalog titles, such as with sales of Monster Hunter World and with rereleases for current-generation hardware
  • Strengthen digital downloads for both new and past titles


Mobile Business: Develop titles both internally and through alliances

  • Explore new developments, continue forging alliances in Japan and around the world


Other Businesses: Strengthen eSports business

  • Having established a dedicated eSports division, grow business by holding events in Japan


PS Business: Build development structure to handle new regulations

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