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Capcom Says Certain Circumstances Preventing A Localization For The Great Ace Attorney



We’re getting Western release for Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice this September, but fans have been wondering if we’ll ever see The Great Ace Attorney. Longtime series producer Motohide Eshiro talked about it in a recent interview with Gamespot.



“Unfortunately there’s a number of circumstances… We absolutely do want to bring it to the West, but unfortunately due to these circumstances right now… I’m really really sorry!” Eshiro told Gamespot when asked if we’ll ever get a localized version of The Great Ace Attorney.


He added,“Nowadays on the Internet lots of fans are directly asking us, “Where’s Daigyakuten Saiban?” On livestreams, even in the Japanese ones, people from the West will write in and ask where it is. Every time we say, we’re sorry! Certain circumstances are kind of getting in the way.”


The Great Ace Attorney is currently available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice will release in North America and Europe in September 2016 as an eShop title.

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