Capcom Shares A Look At The Over 20-Year-Old Anatomy Guide Used By Street Fighter Artists



Capcom has recently shared a look at a very integral anatomy guide that was created and has been used by the Street Fighter team for over 20 years.


During this year’s GDC, Capcom art director Toshiyuki Kamei referenced the guide, which had been compiled back in the mid-90’s and edited by former Capcom artist Akira Yasuda. Since then, the guide has been used to teach other artists at Capcom how to recreate characters that are visually consistent with the games.


Kamei went on to note the guide’s age, saying it’s “a pretty old document,” but that is “still very valuable” to them.


You can check out a few excerpts from the guide below, and find more from it at Capcom’s Japanese blog.


Anatomy_A_Strange_Guide_for_Artists_01 Anatomy_A_Strange_Guide_for_Artists_02

Anatomy_A_Strange_Guide_for_Artists_05 Anatomy_A_Strange_Guide_for_Artists_06

Anatomy_A_Strange_Guide_for_Artists_08 Anatomy_A_Strange_Guide_for_Artists_10