Capcom Tips Hat Mega Man Fans With 25th Anniversary Albums



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Capcom have done something rather nice for the Blue Bomber’s 25th anniversary by putting together two different digital music setlist tracks for fans. The first is a nod to fans who have kept the music of the game alive over the years.


Titled MM25: Mega Man Rocks the set has tracks from bands such as The Protomen—who recorded an all-new track called “Built to Last” for the first time in two years just for this list—Bit Brigade, Mega Ran, The Megas and more. Music within is a mix of tunes from the Mega Man series as well as original music inspired by it. That’s the trailer above. You can get it on Sumthing Else, iTunes or Amazon.



The second is OverClocked ReMix’s first commercial album and a fully-licensed collection called For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man. There’s a pile of music in there with tunes that come from the first of each of Mega Man’s separate series, such as Mega Man to Mega Man Battle Network and even Mega Man Star Force. This is what we call a proper music tribute guys! For Everlasting Peace can be had at CD Baby or iTunes or the main OC Remix website. Note that you can also pre-order a special 2-disc physical version of the music on the main website.


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