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Capcom’s EX Troopers Has Nothing To Do With Mega Man Legends 3


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When Capcom recently revealed EX Troopers, an anime-style spin-off of the Lost Planet series of games, some noticed what they felt were visual similarities shared with Mega Man Legends 3, a game that was in development for the Nintendo 3DS, but was cancelled early in development.


This caused certain Capcom followers to wonder whether EX Troopers was what the Mega Man Legends 3 project turned into after it was cancelled, or perhaps if the game even simply re-used certain art assets from Legends 3, such as character designs and so on. This is not the case at all, however, says Capcom’s Seth Killian.


“For what it’s worth, I can tell you I played an early version of this game (which was styled in the same way, and with what looks to be similar gameplay) in Japan well before the Legends project ran into trouble,” Killian shares on the Capcom forums, in response to users asking about any potential connection between the two games.


This means that EX Troopers was already well into development before Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled. Killian clarifies: “It is definitely not a reskinned Legends. I have not played EX Troopers for quite a while, but once more details emerge about the gameplay, I think it will become clearer that this is the case.”


Killian also confirms that the two games didn’t share development staff at the time that he had a chance to try out EX Troopers. “At the time I played it, the projects did not share members,” he states. “Since the MML3 team is now on other projects, it’s conceivable some are working on this title, but that would be the extent of the overlap so far as I know.”


Development of EX Troopers is being led by one of the producers of the Monster Hunter series, Shintaro Kojima. The game will be released on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3 sometime this year in Japan. Capcom haven’t announced a North American or European release for the game yet.

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