Captain Forever Remix Mixes Saturday Morning Cartoons And Spaceship Building

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Pixelsaurus Games will be bringing its 2D action roguelike Captain Forever Remix to Steam Early Access for Windows, Mac, and Linux in March. To introduce the game, a new trailer has been released that goes over the basics, and shows off the new features and art.


Captain Forever Remix is a, well, a remix of the original Captain Forever, which was released back in 2009 and that you can still play in  your browser.



The idea is to build a ship, bit-by-bit, which you then use to fly around space and blast apart randomly generated spaceships for extra parts. You’ll have to protect your Command Core while trying to pick off the parts you want from your enemy, or you can go in guns blazing. Do whatever you must to get your hands on bulkheads, weapons, and boosters.


Additionally, Remix is a love letter to being a kid in the ‘90s and watching Saturday morning cartoons.


“You dreamed under a glow-in-the-dark sticker sky about whatever it was you’d played that day on your aging beige PC. It was the golden-age of Nickelodeon cartoons, and Ren & Stimpy was banned at home so you watched at your friend’s house. You’d spot bizarre imagery and characters on gig posters plastered on the telephone poles down by the takeout shop, and wonder what that’s all about,” writes Pixelsaurus.


To this end, the game has been drawn up to look like one of those weird, gross cartoons. Plus, a story has been sewn in that has you chasing your little brother around the universe and he goes around blowing it up. Along the way, you’ll meet various animal characters including a goldfish astronaut and a space pirate bird.


You can find out more about Captain Forever Remix on its website.

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