Cardcaptor Sakura Event is Re-Running in Granblue Fantasy


Granblue Fantasy will re-run the Cardcaptor Sakura collaboration event from February 1-9, 2023. The event originally ran in 2017. This will be the first of Granblue Fantasy’s Special Collab Pass, which will also includes the Code Geass and Persona 5 events. During the Cardcaptor Sakura collaboration event in Granblue Fantasy, you can get a free copy of Kinoshita Sakura. [Thanks, Inside Games!]

Depending on what ending you get, you can fully ascend Sakura through the story. You can also get skins for Sakura based on outfits from the show. One of them is the outfit she wore when she sealed The Thunder, and the other one is from her match against The Watery.

Other characters who appear in the event are Kero, Syaoran, and Tomoyo. All of the voice actresses from the Cardcaptor Sakura will return to reprise their roles. The story of the event (whose official name is Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey) starts when Sakura has a weird dream. Afterwards, a fight with a magic circle sucks her, Tomoyo, Kero, and Syaoran into the Granblue Fantasy world.

Granblue Fantasy is readily available on mobile devices and Internet browsers. The Cardcaptor Sakura event will re-run in Granblue Fantasy from February 1-9, 2023. The Persona 5 event will re-run after that, from February 9 to 17, 2023. Meanwhile, you can always access the Code Geass event via Side Stories.

Stephanie Liu
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