Cards Control The Papercraft Dungeons Of Book Of Demons

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Engage in card-based fights in randomly-generated dungeons in Book of Demons, a game that draws its art style from pop-up books and papercraft.




Players control a mage, warrior, or rogue as they make their way through the hack and slash gameplay. Each class has a unique series of cards instead of skills and equipment, which players can use to fight the various denizens of each dungeon.




The game features a Flexiscope system, which sets the length of time a dungeon will be optimized for during generation. A player with only five minutes available can tell the game’s Flexiscope system and it will create a dungeon best suited to a five minute play period.



The game draws visual inspiration from papercraft, designing all of its characters as if they were made out of folded sheets. Players can see more of the paper designs as they progress through the game’s various areas and four difficulty levels.

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