Careful Parrying Grants Greater Physical Power In Okinawa Rush


    An army of ninja, coveting Hiro’s karate skills, kills his wife and kidnaps his children, sending the defensive martial arts master on a furious journey in action game Okinawa Rush.


    Hiro has access to many powerful attacks as he sets out to defeat anything that stands between him and his children. Able to deliver crushing punches and kicks, as well as swing devastating martial arts weapons like the bo, he is a dangerous force. Hiro is also capable of using more powerful fireball and flying uppercut attacks, granting him many different ways to take out ninja.

    Hiro’s power does not all come from offense, though. Players are able to parry any incoming attack in the game, from the lowliest ninja to the last boss, can be blocked by defending with the right timing. Doing so charges a rage bar, and when that is full, players can do a Kia Stomp, which destroys everything, from enemies to the environment, around Hiro. In this way, defensive players are highly rewarding for carefully turning a foe’s attacks aside.

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    Okinawa Rush offers some hidden secrets to those who use the Kia Stomp often, as it can change environments to open secret paths or unveil buried items. These treasures can be placed around Hiro’s dojo, giving him stat bonuses based on how the items are placed. Players who do not wish to look around can also purchase some decorations in game, though.

    Okinawa Rush, which will also offer a dancing game-like training minigame and co-op modes, is currently in development.

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