Cartoon Brawler Big Action Mega Fight Is Coming To Steam On January 12th


Double Stallion is bringing its cartoon brawler Big Action Mega Fight to Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux on January 12th. A new trailer has been released for this announcement that you can watch above.


Big Action Mega Fight was originally released for smartphones in 2013 but has been reworked for keyboard and gamepad controls with this upcoming PC version.


It’s an homage to ‘90s beat-’em-ups like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage but adds more humor to the mix. It sees you playing as Brick Strongarm as he punch and kicks his way through the street gangs of Megatropolis across 35 levels.


As you progress, you can upgrade Strongarm to improve abilities such as endurance and punching power, as well as learn over-the-top special attacks like Fistnado, Orbital Punch, and Poultry Rain.

Chris Priestman