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Castle Crasher Dev Unveils Co-Op Adventure Covered In Bear Blood



The Behemoth’s next game is a turn-based co-op adventure for up to four players set in a world covered in bear blood. I’ve no idea why or what that’s about, either.


With the title undecided, this next game from the studio behind Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, and BattleBlock Theater is known only as “Game 4”, for now. You guide three “tragically unique heroes” across a strange fantasy land, fighting cupcakes, unicorns, and arachnid-people. I swear I’m not making this up.


In the first batch of screenshots released, there are a range of environments, weapons, and characters on show: laser guns, Roman gladiators, guitars, rockets, gentlemen butterflies, bipedal bats, giant lollipops. This is as barmy, as you might expect from The Behemoth. You can see the screenshots below or watch the gameplay reveal in the video above.


Rounding out the game’s ludicrous performance is faceless narrator Will Stamper, reprising his role in BattleBlock Theater for this game, who guides you ever so slightly across the hex-based map and, er, shouts at you at times, it seems.


Game 4 is described as a ”strategic game of positioning”, and allows single player, two player co-op, as well as 2v2 matches. You’ll venture across the map, finding loot, customizing your fighters, and recruiting strange creatures to your side.


It will be released on Xbox One and PC via Steam whenever it is ready. Keep a beady eye on its website.



Chris Priestman