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Castlevania Gets A Little Cuter With Forsaken Castle



Lily is a newly-appointed Paladin, one who has been sent to figure out why undead are roaming around in Forsaken Castle, a 16-bit action/exploration game.



Lily finds herself drawn to a castle that’s supposed to be abandoned, only to find it is filled with somewhat cute monsters and hostile creatures. Drawing inspiration from Castlevania, Lily will use a whip to strike them down, while also hurling explosive holy water, axes, and other familiar tools.


Lily will be able to find several abilities that will help her become more mobile, also allowing her access to new areas of the castle. She can also strike at walls and search for hidden paths and secret treasures, offering many rewards for the curious. Players will find more than just precious gems if they prod at the game’s hidden things, though, as Forsaken Castle also offers multiple endings for those that can find its secrets.




Forsaken Castle is looking to release on PC, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch in October of this year. A demo can be downloaded from IndieDB, and players who enjoy it can donate to its Kickstarter or support it on Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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