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Cat Cafe Manager’s Furry Employees are Purrfection

Cat Cafe Manager's Furry Employees are Purrfection

Odds are you are familiar with the concept of a cat cafe. Owners serve beverages and snacks while you enjoy the company of delightful, standoffish, and needy felines looking for a loving home. I’ve eyeballed a few other games in this genre before, but none really stood out. That changed when the game Cat Cafe Manager sauntered up, rubbed against my leg, and begged for attention.

Cat Cafe Manager is part pet care simulator and part Diner Dash-style game. Serving customers and upgrading your café is super important, but if you don’t have cats scurrying around, playing with toys, and visiting your guests, you’ll be out of business pretty quick. Acquiring strays is crucial to your success. Stray cats are wandering all around Caterwaul in search of their next meal. Feline friends range from your common street cats to luxurious Persians and unique, otherworldly companions. All it takes is putting out the right lure to find the next great cat employee.

Cat Cafe Manager Boo Berry

Not only do you need cats in order to attract customers, you need the right cats for the job. Different breeds of cats tend to gravitate toward specific sets of clientele. Artsy ones for your creative types, cats with sass for your local punk population, and so on. When strays are lingering outside your shop, you’ll be able to see which sorts of people they’re best for. If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to have a balanced menagerie.

The felines you bring into the business gain experience and can take part in training, just like your human staff! As they make the rounds entertaining your guests, you’ll be able to upgrade their skills. New traits will also unlock, adding new perks to your pets that enhance the experience for everyone. It’s good to keep an eye on your end of day summaries. This is the best way to learn what guests came in for. Even businessfolk and fishermen prefer places with nice décor and comfy chairs.

Cat Cafe Manager playtest cat skills

In the fast paced, ever changing world of cafe management, you might forget that at the end of the day what you really want is to find these guys a fur-ever home. Adoption in Cat Cafe Manager is important for a couple of reasons; the first, of course, so they have loving families, but secondly, there are staff slot limitations. Any good entrepreneur knows that new offerings entice people to return. A new dessert on the menu and a super friendly tabby cat who wants a delivery of love and affection? I’m on my way.

Cat Cafe Manager is a soothing, cozy game perfect for relaxing when you want something calm at the end of a long day. The only thing that would make it better is having a neck or lap cat companion while you play.

Cat Cafe Manager is available now on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC.

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