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Cat RPG, Snacko, Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022

Snacko Nintendo Switch Release

Armor Games Studios and Bluecurse Studios revealed the farming and adventure sim Snacko will arrive on Nintendo Switch in 2022. The news comes from the Wholesome Direct on June 12, 2021. The action RPG starring cats takes its inspiration from classic series like Rune Factory, The Legend of Zelda, and Story of Seasons. In addition to Nintendo’s hybrid console, it was previously announced that Snacko will also launch on PC via Steam.

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Developed by husband and wife duo Bluecurse Studios and published by Armor Games Studios, players will take control of Momo and Mikan exploring a cursed, abandoned island. Simulation elements will involve staples like farming, fishing, and building to restore the ruined island. Additionally, the developers promise a unique magic crafting system mixed into the RPG gameplay. Bluecurse Studios revealed the Nintendo Switch version with a new trailer during the Wholesome Direct.

Back in 2020, fans successfully funded the title on Kickstarter. Since then, the duo at Bluecurse Studios has been community-driven. The team has provided frequent development updates, and even uploading photos of the title’s real-life stars — Nobu, Momo, and Mikan. The screenshots below show how Snacko blends retro 3D visuals with 2D pixel art, creating a style evocative of other HD-2D games on Nintendo Switch.

Snacko will come to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in 2022.

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