Catgirl Visual Novel Sequel NEKOPARA Vol. 2 Is Due Out In February 2016


NEKO WORKs has released the opening video of catgirl visual novel sequel NEKOPARA Vol. 2. The Japanese version is due out in February 2016.


Previously, NEKOPARA Vol. 0 and Vol. 1 were translated into English and brought to Steam by publisher Sekai Project. That is also the case with NEOKPARA Vol. 2 and Sekai Project confirmed in a recent livestream that the translation is 50 percent complete.


NEKOPARA Vol. 2 focuses on Azuki and Coconut whereas Vol. 1 focused on Chocola and Vanilla as they tag along with pastry chef Kashou Minaduki during the opening of his new patisserie.

Chris Priestman
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