Catherine: Full Body Gets A New Trailer With Both Original Heroines Going Yandere

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Atlus has released a barrage of information on Catherine: Full Body ahead of TGS 2018, including a new trailer, and new details on the Limited Edition in Japan.


Check out the new trailer below:

The official website for Catherine: Full Body has undergone an overhaul, and now reveals a ton of gameplay details on what’s new. One detail is that the new heroine Rin’s full name has been revealed to be Qatherine.


catherine fb 1 catherine fb 2

catherine fb 3 catherine fb 4

catherine fb 5 catherine fb 6


Gameplay features

catherine fb 7 catherine fb 8


  • A death game where every step might be your last.

The mysterious deaths occurring around town are said to happen to people who experience a dream about falling. People who become trapped in this dream must climb in order to survive.


  • Action puzzle gameplay loved by worldwide fans.

The gameplay was so popular that it has been part of a side tournament at America’s premiere fighting game tournament, Evolution Championship Series (aka EVO).


catherine fb 9 catherine fb 10


  • There is no right way to climb.

Pushing and pulling blocks, and connecting them by the corners… There is no “answer” to how to proceed – only your wits.


catherine fb 11

catherine fb 12


  • Even people not good at these games can enjoy the story! Go for the endings at your own leisure.

Catherine: Full Body adds in the “Safety” difficulty, where traps don’t activate, there is no time limit, and you will never get a game over.

Furthermore, the game has various support options as well, such as Auto Play, where Vincent will climb automatically with a push of a button. Retry Assist brings you back to the exact spot you last got a Game Over. Finally, Auto Undo immediately brings you back one space before your death.


Online Multiplayer

catherine fb 13

catherine fb 14


Apart from local multiplayer, the online multiplayer everyone has been waiting for has now been implemented!


DLC – Catherine’s “Ideal Voice”

catherine fb 15


You can now change Catherine to have your “ideal voice” in all the cutscenes and events via various voice DLCs by famous Japanese voice actors. Each of the different voices might change how you perceive Catherine!

Apart from Miyuki Sawashiro, who originally voiced Catherine in Japanese, there will be 10 other voice change options in total. A DLC code to get every voice option will be included in the limited edition versions of Catherine: Full Body. The voices will also be available individually at a later date.


Catherine (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro – original)


Catherine (CV: Mamiko Noto)


Catherine (CV: Ami Koshimizu)


More voices will be revealed later.


Playable Joker from Persona 5 in Babel and Colosseum modes

catherine fb 16


Another early buyer DLC is the ability to use Joker from Persona 5 in the Babel and Colosseum modes. While using Joker, the other members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts will spectate and commentate.

The DLC will also be made available at a later date as paid DLC.


Catherine: Full Body Dynamite Fullbody Box

catherine fb 17

catherine fb 18


The limited edition features various stunning pieces of artwork created by Shigenori Soejima, and the sleeve can be pulled upwards to reveal even more.

Apart from the DLC code for Catherine’s “Ideal Voices” set, the Dynamite Fullbody Box also includes a pair of “Nero Glasses” as an accessory for Vincent. By wearing these, Vincent magically sees every other character in event scenes and at the bar wearing lingerie, nightwear, or in various states of undress. You might just be surprised by what some of the characters wear!

The limited edition also includes a 4 CD soundtrack set, that collects the following:

  • Disc 1: Catherine original soundtrack
  • Disc 2: Catherine arranged classical music
  • Disc 3: Catherine: Full Body original soundtrack
  • Disc 4: Voice actor discussions & audio commentary

Finally, the limited edition includes an artbook for Catherine: Full Body that collects character design artwork for this game, and general concept art. The artbook is 44 pages, and is DVD tall case size.


A Message from Studio Zero’s Katsura Hashino, Catherine: Full Body director:


“A mysterious woman in Café Leblanc?! Here’s a message from the development room!”

“This is Hashino from Studio Zero. We were finally able to announce the release date! We’re feeling good about the product of our labor, so we hope you enjoy it. The development team is now working on the first-print special content! We’ll also be announcing an unexpected collaboration at TGS. Look forward to it!”


Catherine: Full Body releases in Japan on February 14, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game releases in the West in 2019.

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