Catmaze’s Sorceror Heroine Fights With The Varied Powers Of Animal Familiars

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With her mother taken to another world, Alesta sets out to find Cat Bayn, a feline with powerful connections between worlds, in Catmaze, a Metroidvania that draws from Slavic lore.


Alesta’s sorcerous powers will help her in battle against the creatures of the woods, caves, and haunted mansions that lie between her and her lost mother. Many of these powers are tied to different animal familiars, with each of these cute creatures offering a variety of attacks for her to use. With jump kicks fueled by a cat’s swipe, slashes connected to a crow’s wing, a walking bomb tied to a strange little creature, and more, she’ll have a suite of animal-based powers to help her through any fight.

Fighting monsters isn’t all that players can do. They can also stop by villages or meet people in the wild who will offer them sidequests. Completing these will not only get the player some useful bonuses, but the ones players complete will also have an effect on the ending. They may require some backtracking to old areas to use new powers acquired later, though.


Bosses and enemies from the game, as well as many of its story elements, draw from Slavic myth, offering players a look into folklore with many aspects of Catmaze.

Catmaze is projected to release in Q1 of 2018.

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