Cave Blog – A Guide To Guwange Part 2

We are back with the continuation of RAM’s tutorial for Guwange! I hope that you’ve checked out the first half of the article, to get an idea of how to connect long combos through the game and to survive using the numerous life items hidden around the stages.

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The second half of this tutorial is aimed towards advanced players, so make sure you have the basics down before going any further. Bookmark this guide if you find it useful!


Scoring and Points

In Guwange, there are three types of coin items which enemies drop:

・Chain Value Coins

These coins are dropped when destroying an enemy with your Shot.

Each of these coins are worth the value of your coin combo.



・Bullet-cancelling Coins

You get these coins when you cancel bullets with your Shikigami

Worth 1/10th of your coin combo

・Enemy milking coins

When your coin combo is above 1000 and you have more than 5 skulls on your gauge,

hitting the enemy with shot will produce a stream of coins.

Worth 1/100th of your coin combo


As you can see, the biggest point bonuses come from coins you get after destroying an enemy. However, while your coin combo is low, you won’t be earning a huge bonus, so it’s a good idea to first prioritize raising your combo. In most cases you’ll be using your Shikigami to slow down enemy shots and kill them, and using your normal Shot on popcorn enemies. This way you’ll see a big boost in your coin combo.


After you get your combo high enough, go after the “Chain Value Coins” as much as possible. If you can manage it, the rush of devil enemies before the Stage 6 boss is a perfect opportunity to destroy a bunch of enemies and capitalize off of a high coin combo.  Keep in mind that all items can be grabbed using your Shikigami, so you don’t necessarily have to put your character in danger.


Clear Bonus

If you can manage to clear Guwange, the following point bonuses await:

1,000,000 points per bomb

About 1,000,000 points per life

Coin combo x 100 = Combo bonus points

If your life stock is full, you’ll also get a huge bonus at the end.

Lastly, if you clear the game with full health, you’ll get a really crazy bonus.


Controlling your Shikigami in-stage

Here’s a little trick with the Shikigami that can help maintain your combo.

The Shikigami can be launched quickly by holding down the Shot button and hitting the Shikigami button intermittently.

This allows you to throw out the Shikigami much faster than by simply holding down the Shikigami button.

You can also throw out the Shikigami at a particular location. If the following were a keyboard:

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9


You could, for example, launch the Shikigami at “1” by moving the stick to the upper-left, or launch at “5” by keeping the stick at neutral. If you have slowed down bullets coming at you right at “8”, even if there aren’t enemies around, you can attack an enemy at “3” by briefly re-launching your Shikigami, and cancel the bullets that were about to hit you.

(P stands for the player’s position)


Control During Boss Fights

Controlling your Shikigami during boss fights is a bit different from normal in-stage controls in that the Shikigami will stick to the location it is launched at.

However, if it’s not touching anything, it won’t help you (or maintain your combo).

In Boss fights, just slowing bullets without a plan can lead to real chaos, so it’s better to position your Shikigami at the very top of the screen.

Try holding down the Shot button and tapping the Shikigami button.

This allows you to move your character without shifting the Shikigami’s position too much, and prevents big bullet patterns from building up in odd places and trapping you in.




Shooting at the boss when your coin combo is above 1000 will help you score better, but more importantly it also triggers some slowdown with all the action on-screen and helps you navigate the bullet patterns.

Further, you’ll be able to nudge vertically, and even though the yellow barrier around your character given by the Shikigami will wax and wane, it won’t disappear; so you’ll have twice the defensive power. It’s just a good tactic all around.

However, since this technique drops your attack power, boss fights will last longer. When you want to deal some damage to a boss, just keep your Shikigami out and get ready to bomb.



Below I’ll introduce a few detailed scoring techniques.


・Bullet Cancelling Cash-in

If you cancel bullets with your skull gauge above 8.5 skulls, you’ll get bigger bullet-cancelling coins.

These are worth the same amount of points as normal coins, but they add x2 to your combo.


・Bullet Cancelling Overload

You can cancel more than 50 bullets at one time, but the limit of coin items shown on screen at one time is 50, so you will lose a few.

Splitting your bullet cancels into 2 allows you to prevent this loss.


・Coin Milking with Shot

While your Shikigami is stopping bullets only, your character will fire a weaker version of their shot. This shot will produce coins when it hits an enemy.

Since your skull gauge decreases at a slower pace while you’re stopping bullets with your Shikigami, this technique allows you to “milk” medium-strength enemies for coins.


・Carving Shot

I already described this in the boss section, but you can milk the bosses for coins under certain conditions.

Since the Skull gauge’s decrease slows during boss battles, you can tap the Shikigami button while holding down Shot to start a stream of coins. Give it a try.

Now try changing the length of time that you press the button according to your distance from the boss.

You’ll notice that the amount of coins produced varies a bit.


■ For Advanced Players

If you’re looking to take your score even higher, try out these tips:


・Stage 1 Boss

When the Stage 1 boss is playing her flute, she is invincible.

You can use this invincibility to leech coins off of her using the boss milking trick.


・Stage 2 Boss

Destroying the 2nd stage boss’ legs will give you a ton of coins.

Position your Shikigami where the coins will fall while keeping your character safe. Destroy the legs and grab the coins. You can do this up to twice relatively safely, but from the third time it gets harder.




・Stage 3 Boss

Destroy the orange balls that the cat boss here spits out in its second form to grab a ton of valuable coins.

This attack will move in one set from spear bullets -> cat balls.

For the first set, you’ll get 4 cat balls, but for each set after that, the number of cat balls increases by 4.

You can really score a whole lot; however the spear bullet attack is quite dangerous.

Don’t go too crazy scoring here.




Trying too hard to score for a long time on this boss results in most people quitting the game in frustration, or, being satisfied with calling the Cat Spider the last boss of the game.

But if you really feel like it, go ahead.


Take care everyone.



The appearance of the long-necked ghost on stage 3 is tied to the amount of life the player has left.

When your life is full, she will appear 100% of the time, 2/3 life and she will appear 2/3 of the time.


About Kaisetsu-kun RAM

RAM is a shooter player most famous for his Ibara Black Label superplay on “THE LUNATIC Ibara” DVD (available via the INH Group). His nickname here, Kaisetsu-kun, means someone talks a good game but when they actually sit down to play, aren’t very good at it. Of course, he is an excellent Guwange player.

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