Cave Is Now Working On 3jus



Those wondering what Cave, a Japanese developer famous for its shoot’em ups, is working on now have an answer. It has opened a website for a new project currently being referred to as 3jus. (Thanks, Famitsu!)


Information on 3jus is very limited. We have one image to go by, artwork of a cat sitting in front of a devastated city. Yuri Shibamura, from Gunparade March: Another Princess, Touken Ranbu and Marginal Operation, is involved with the project. A brief description appears, asking if a war is about to begin. It then goes on to say that when a strict supreme leader joins the side of a majority in a society where there is economic disparity and some believe there is exploitation, a war is inevitable. Ordinary life stops and the seeds have been sowed for war. The Famitsu article on 3jus also notes it is a console game, but no platforms are currently specified.


Some of Cave’s most recent games include DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou and Mushihimesama HD for the Xbox 360.

Jenni Lada
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