Aksys may have released Deathsmiles in North America, but Cave is taking care of Deathsmiles 2X themselves. The news comes from the ESRB, which rated Deathsmiles 2X and listed Cave as the publisher. Check out our playtest for more on Deathsmiles 2X.


While Cave is building a greater presence in the West, the Tokyo based company has not released a retail game overseas on their own. Perhaps, Deathsmiles 2X will be a digital release like Guwange and Nin2-Jump? Hmm… but both of those are Xbox Live Arcade games and Deathsmiles 2X is a disc game.


Maybe, just maybe, Microsoft took a cue from Sony and is preparing to stock imports in their Games on Demand store. Resident Evil Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4 HD will be digital downloads only in North America, but sold as retail games in Japan.

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