Ever wonder how much Cave shooters sell during their lifespans? We have a figure for at least one. MCV report that Deathsmiles is approaching 100,000 sales between the U.S. and Japanese versions of the game.


In Japan, Deathsmiles sold 19,635 copies in its first week on the market in 2009. While that number may seem low, keep in mind that Deathsmiles only came to the Xbox 360 two years after its release in Japanese arcades, so Cave also made money off the game’s arcade release.


By the end of 2009, the game had sold around 30,000 copies in Japan according to sales tracker Media-Create’s records (although, that number is likely outdated by this point).


Rising Star Games released Deathsmiles in the UK last week. Additionally, Cave announced this past weekend that the game is now also headed to the iPhone and iPod Touch this spring.


A big thanks to Cave Nut for the tip!


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