ffd Thanks to scans of Shonen Jump we have a first look at Cecil and Golbez, his villain counterpart, in Dissidia: Final Fantasy. This probably isn’t a huge surprise since Cecil and Golbez represent the core story of Final Fantasy IV best. A blurry second image shows Cecil can switch between being a good willed Paladin and his Dark Knight alter ego. No details are given on what abilities each class has, but it’s easy to imagine Cecil shooting waves of dark energy at the expense of his HP when he’s covered in he Dark Knight armor.


Now that these characters are confirmed Square Enix can move on to bigger mysteries – Final Fantasy V and VI. While Square Enix has not said if Cloud will be in the game it’s hard to imagine Tetsuya Nomura developing Dissidia: Final Fantasy without him.


Images of Shonen Jump from VideoGamer X.

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