Cel-Shaded Parkour Game Cloudbuilt Gets Even Harder With Upcoming DLC



Coilworks has taken the time to detail what the upcoming DLC for its fast-paced, cel-shaded parkour game Cloudbuilt will add, and what it will take away.


First off, the biggest change is that the new levels will have no standard checkpoints. Instead, you’ll have to pick checkpoints up and deploy them yourself. This encourages you to explore the levels fully in order to find the quickest lines across them, and then nail it, rather than work around the checkpoints that Coilworks placed for you.


Secondly, there will be new “energy plated walls,” meaning that you can boost up them without having to expend any of your energy reserves. This should allow for faster-paced levels overall.


Thirdly, there will be new skins with all new models added with the DLC. These include a new sci-fi armor and a hi-tech medieval knight.


The last addition that will be added with the DLC, but also will be available to everyone who has bought the game, is improved level selection. “Each level will be assigned a difficulty grade, hopefully making it easier to make a decision on where to go next,” writes Coilworks.


This means you can glance at the levels to get an idea of how difficult it’s supposed to be. The standard levels are marked 1 to 10, while Redeployment is marked with a skull. The DLC levels, it is implied, will be marked differently as they’ll be more difficult presumably.

Chris Priestman