Celebrate New Year 2021 With Azur Lane Peter Strasser Event

Azur Lane KMS Peter Strasser Event - Inverted Orthant

Yostar revealed a lot of new information about Azur Lane at the 2020 Christmas stream, including a new major event. “Inverted Orthant” will add KMS Peter Strasser and other characters to Azur Lane, which already has a very expansive roster with over 400 shipgirls. This event will run from December 29, 2020 until January 14, 2021.

A total of seven new shipgirls belonging to the Germany-inspired Ironblood faction will be added when the event launches. Most of them will be exclusively available through the limited construction pool unless specified otherwise.

  • KMS Z24 (Elite Destroyer, available from total point collection rewards)
  • KMS Z28 (Elite Destroyer, available through her own separate mini-event)
  • KMS Nürnberg (Elite Light Cruiser)
  • KMS Weser (Elite Light Carrier)
  • KMS U-31 (Super Rare Submarine, also available from the point exchange shop)
  • SMS Prinz Heinrich (Super Rare Heavy Cruiser)
  • KMS Peter Strasser (Super Rare Aircraft Carrier)

This new Azur Lane event’s key character is going to be KMS Peter Strasser, based on the historically-unfinished second Graf Zeppelin-class aircraft carrier. Also joining the event roster will be KMS Nürnberg, the sister ship of Leipzig, and KMS Weser, the aircraft carrier which would have been converted from the fourth Admiral Hipper-class cruiser Seydlitz. Another odd entry in the roster will be Prinz Heinrich, whose name was historically used for a World War I-era armored cruiser.

Yostar also shared a teaser anime trailer for “Inverted Orthant” on the Japanese channel:

The “Inverted Orthant” event will be the second out of the immediate future’s multiple updates. The first update on December 22, 2020 will officially implement the major Operation Siren mode. While most of its features will be permanently available, the Ashes Showdown against Hiryuu META will only run until March 18, 2021.

Another quality-of-life update will put retrofit materials for USS San Diego and HMS Warspite in the Prototype Shop, add an unlockable fourth Tactical Class slot to improve skills, and finally allow players to combine T2 Skill Books into a T3 book. The Japanese client will also receive new content from a collaboration with Pizza Hut on January 12, 2021, adding new skins for IJN Fubuki, HMS Belfast, and USS Hornet.

Azur Lane is immediately available on Android and iOS mobile devices worldwide.

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