Celestial Breach Focuses On Cooperation For Its Arcade Flight Action

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Celestial Breach is an arcade flight game with an emphasis on cooperation, giving players several means to help each other out in a dogfight.




Celestial Breach lets players choose from several different types of aircraft and weapons, including rail guns and cluster missiles, using them to tackle various combat objectives in each area before they can move on to the next. As they down planes together, the players will share in rewards that will let them upgrade their aircraft and weapons on the fly, growing stronger with every success.


Downed pilots will have to wait for a respawn timer to count down before they can re-enter a fight. That counter increases with every death from each pilot, and should all pilots ever be down at the same time, the game will end. This will mean starting the entire game over, so players will want to play cautiously.




Players can do more than just shoot at the same targets to work together, though. Flares, which act as missile countermeasures, can be fired near an ally to help them should they not notice an oncoming threat. Players can also use a healing ability on another pilot should they be near death.


Celestial Breach is set to release on Steam Early Access with some of its planned features on January 2, 2017.

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