Censorship Simulator The Westport Independent Comes Out January 21st


Indie studio Double Zero One Zero and publisher Coffee Stain Studios (Goat Simulator) has announced that its “censorship simulator” The Westport Independent will be out for PC, iOS, and Android on January 21st.


The game takes place in a post-war country where you play as the editor of the last independent newspaper. You have to remove and edit content in your paper before it goes to print knowing that it will affect the public’s opinion of the rebels and the newly elected Loyalist government.


As you do this, you’ll find out that the rebel activity is increasing around the country and the government is breathing down your neck, pressing you to depict it in a good light. Your colleagues at the newspaper’s office will discuss what to do – to secure your jobs and hide the truth from the people, or risk everything.


Once your decisions have been made and each print is published you’ll find out how the city is affected by you. You’ll also receive letters and messages from public figures, rebel leaders, employees – lots of people affected by your actions.

Chris Priestman