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A Certain Magical Index x Virtual-On Collaboration Title Announced For PS4 And PS Vita



A Certain Magical Index and Cyber Troopers Virtual-On had a crossover light novel back in May 2016 and Sega announced that the collaboration is getting a PS4 and PS Vita title in 2018.


According to Sega, the crossover title with Dengeki Bunko will bring a dramatic story from the light novel series and mix it with the high-speed battles you can expect from Cyber Troopers Virtual-On.


As for the setting, it takes place in the world of A Certain Magical Index where you’ll get to see familiar characters pilot the “Virtuaroids” mechas as part of a sport. We don’t have any info as far as gameplay goes, but Sega is calling it a high-speed action game and they’re looking to put in the experience gained from working on past Virtual-On games to shape up its action.


Mecha designer Hajime Katoki will bring the designs while its story is being handled by Kazuma Kamachi, author of A Certain Magical Index. It should also be noted that this game will make it the first Virtual-On title in 15 years.


A Certain Magical Virtual-On is expected to launch in Japan in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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