Chain Hits To Devastate Enemies In Sidescrolling Action RPG Man With No Name



Man With No Name, a sidescrolling action RPG made by Japanese developer Bit-Bad-Company, puts the explosive powers of magic sword Fafnir in the player’s hands, letting them wipe out groups of enemies with well-placed attacks.




With a missing princess on the line, the hero will have to cleave and blast his way through dozens of enemies and large bosses in the game’s seven areas. His magic sword will let him fling explosive bursts out with each charged slash, and each enemy struck with this attack will also explode. With careful aim, these strikes can mow down entire groups of foes.




The player can also make choices on their journey to face the Dark Lord, and these decisions will affect the game’s outcome.




Man With No Name is set to release in English this Summer. A demo is available now from the developer’s site (although it is only available in Japanese), and the game is also looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

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