Chainsaw Man Denji, Power, and Pochita Jewelry and Horns Arrive in 2023

Chainsaw Man Denji, Power, and Pochita Jewelry and Power's Horns Arrive in 2023

Good Smile Company started taking orders for an array of Chainsaw Man accessories, which includes jewelry inspired by Denji, Power, and Pochita and Power’s horns. The jewelry consists of a necklace, rings, and earrings. As for the horns, they are a pair of hairclips that can be used for Chainsaw Man cosplay purposes. All of them will come to Japan in July 2023 and North America in September 2023.

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With the earrings, people get to make it look like the Chainsaw Man mascot Pochita is dangling by a chain from their ear. One option is a clip-on, in case someone’s ears aren’t pierced. (The other is a standard earring.) In each case, the cuff goes at the top of your ear. It costs ¥2,750/$19.99. It is made of brass, not sterling silver.

The Chainsaw Man rings are based on Denji and Power, with a third being a general chain. Each one is a size 19 ring, which is about 59.7mm around. (The chains and Power ones appear to be adjustable.) They are made out of brass, like the Pochita earring options. Depending on the version, the price varies. The Denji one is ¥5,500/$38.99, while the chains and Power ones are ¥4,400/#30.99 each.

Chainsaw Man Denji, Power, and Pochita Jewelry and Horns Arrive in 2023

Finally, the Power’s horns hair clips and Denji starter cord necklace both seem to be designed with Chainsaw Man cosplay in mind. The necklace is supposed to look like the cord Denji pulls to transform. It features brass accessories on a polyester cord. It costs ¥2,750/$19.99. Meanwhile, the pair of red clips are made of resin with brass clips. They are also ¥2,750/$19.99.

The Chainsaw Man Denji, Power, and Pochita jewelry and Power’s horns hairclip cosplay accessory will appear in July 2023 in Japan and September 2023 in North America. Pre-orders are open until April 13, 2023.

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