Chainsaw Man ‘Easy Revenge’ Cigarette Memo Paper Doesn’t Involve the Ghost Devil

Chainsaw Man 'Easy Revenge' Cigarette Memo Paper Doesn’t Involve the Ghost Devil

People will soon be able to get and make the Chainsaw Man “easy revenge” cigarette in real life. A collection of memo paper inspired by the scene from the game will be sold in Japan. For ¥880 (~$6.56), people will be able to get the set, which comes in a fake cigarette box. It will appear in February 2023, and AmiAmi is taking pre-orders for it to ship worldwide. The AmiAmi price for it, however, is ¥790 (~$5.89).

Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers for Chainsaw Man‘s “easy revenge” cigarette and the meaning behind it after this point.

Chainsaw Man 'Easy Revenge' Cigarette Memo Paper Doesn’t Involve the Ghost Devil

The Chainsaw Man “easy revenge” cigarette memo paper comes with 20 sheets. Each one is 98mm by 99mm. After writing a message on the paper, you can roll it up to make it look like a cigarette. On the “outside” of each one is a message that says “easy revenge.”

Here is the “work in progress” picture of the paper from AmiAmi.
Chainsaw Man 'Easy Revenge' Cigarette Memo Paper Doesn’t Involve the Ghost Devil

In Chainsaw Man, the Ghost Devil is contracted to Himeno. She offered up her right eye in exchange for being able to use one of their hands. During the Katana Man arc, Himeno changes the terms of the contract to offer her whole body in exchange for its assistance to save Aki from Katana Man. Akane then uses the Snake Devil to defeat the Ghost Devil, in so doing placing it under her control. When Aki later faces the controlled Ghost Devil, it stops attacking him and offers him a cigarette in the same way Himeno would. The cigarette Aki gets from the Ghost Devil in Chainsaw Man has the words “Easy Revenge” written on it, reminding him of the devil’s weakness that Himeno told him about. No longer afraid, he’s able to defeat the Ghost Devil and continue on in the fight against Akane, in essence getting revenge for Himeno.

The Chainsaw Man anime adaptation is streaming on Crunchyroll. The manga is available through Viz Media.

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