Chainsaw Man Kobeni Promo Plays up the Desperation

Chainsaw Man Kobeni

The December 22 installment in Mappa’s series of character-focused anime promos puts 

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Chainsaw Man squaddie Kobeni Higashiyama in the spotlight. Previous videos highlighted Aki Hayakawa and Himeno. The promos are being released to lead up to the season’s final episode, set to air on December 27, 2022.

Note that the scenes highlighted may be considered spoilers for Kobeni in Chainsaw Man.

A petite and timid young woman, Kobeni seems an ill fit for a dangerous job like being a Devil Hunter. As it turns out, Kobeni has fearsome combat skills, and in the heat of the moment is able to display superhuman strength and agility. She is also contracted to an as yet unrevealed Devil, though she displays no outwardly apparent sign of the bond.

Unfortunately for her clear physical prowess, Kobeni’s mental strength is at best wanting. She’s timid, easily panicked, and prone to hysterical fear and paranoia. Her personal life is wracked by misfortune, as well. In fact, the reason she even chose to join Public Safety as a Devil Hunter in the first place was that it was either to do that, or take up sex work.

Kobeni’s personal hangups have made her both famous and famously unpopular. In the Chainsaw Man manga’s first popularity poll, Kobeni ranked 8th overall. However, her car, which she uses to shuttle around a family she hates, ranked 7th.

Check out the Chainsaw Man Kobeni video below:

Chainsaw Man airs on various streaming services. The last episode of the season airs on December 27, 2022. The manga is published in English by Viz Media.

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