Chainsaw Man Makima and Aki Nendoroid Pre-orders Open

Chainsaw Man Makima and Aki Nendoroid Pre-orders Open

Not long after appearing at WonHobby G 2022 Autumn, two of Good Smile Company’s new anime figures are already available on its site. The Chainsaw Man Makima and Aki Nendoroid pre-orders opened. Both are expected to appear in Japan in June 2023. They’ll show up in North America a few months later in August 2023. Each one costs ¥6,200/$39.99.

Both Aki and Makima are a part of the Public Safety Devil Hunters Tokyo Special Division 4. Each one is wearing their uniform for their figure debut. This unit is known for being a mix of normal humans fighting alongside both devil hybrids like Denji, devils like Angel, and fiends like Power.

Makima can be displayed with or without her coat. She comes with smiling, neutral, and interested face plates. She also comes with a cola-flavor lollipop, like the one she offers Denji.

Meanwhile, Aki comes with a number of his weapons and signature parts. For example, he has his “Kon” hand sign. He can be smoking one of his cigarettes. You can pose him wielding a sword. He can also show a softer side by making an apple bunny slice, like he did for Denji. His face plates feature a serious one, a smiling one, and one with one eye shut.

The expected release date for both the Makima and Aki Chainsaw Man Nendoroid figures is June 2023 for Japan. They’ll show up in North America in August 2023. Pre-orders are open for both until January 12, 2023.

Jenni Lada
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