Chainsaw Man Nine Tiles Board Game Heading to Japan

Chainsaw Man Nine Tiles Board Game
Image via Oink Games

Oink Games announced a new variant of one of its existing titles. On May 26, 2023, a Chainsaw Man Nine Tiles board game version will appear. It will cost 3,000 yen (~$22). It comes with 18 cards and is designed to be played by two people. Each card is 100mm x 55mm and features a scene from episode three of the anime on the front and back. There are also 30 “scene” cards to match.

In Nine Tiles, players are attempting to match the nine tiles in front of them to the example card before their opponent. Each card in their set has images on the front and back, and it is possible to complete each overall design with the nine they possess. The person to get the most points by matching their tiles to the scenes assigned them by the end of the rounds is the winner.

It isn’t uncommon for Oink Games’ Nine Tiles to appear with different themes. For example, there’s a version of it with Pokemon involved. Nine Tiles Pokemon Dokoda is available in Japan. However, due to licensing, it can’t be directly ordered.

Oink Games’ Nine Tiles is available worldwide. Imported copies also include instructions in Japanese and English. It is also available on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices via Let’s Play! Oink Games. People can pick it up as DLC for the title for $4.99.

The Chainsaw Man Nine Tiles board game will be available in Japan on May 26, 2023. Viz Media handles the localization of the manga, while the anime is available via Crunchyroll.

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