Chainsaw Man Pop-Up Sells Denji, Aki, Power, Makima Merchandise

Chainsaw Man Pop-up Merchandise

Mappa and Pal are opening a Chainsaw Man pop-up store in Tokyo to sell a line of exclusive merchandise based on the series. Formally called the “Chainsaw Man Big Goodwill Exhibition,” the store opens on December 9, 2022, at Baseyard Tokyo. Located in Shibuya, Japan, Baseyard is a shopping center focused on lifestyle and fashion goods, with a dedicated space for pop-up events. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The Chainsaw Man pop-up merchandise selection is based around an exclusive set of illustrations created by Mappa for Baseyard Tokyo. The illustrations depict Devil Hunters Denji, Aki Hayakawa, Power, and Makima as they appear in the anime series. Besides purchasing exclusive merchandise based on the illustrations, customers can also see some behind-the-scenes footage of the Chainsaw Man anime production process. A selection of production material provided by Mappa will be screened on the in-store monitor. An exhibition of Chainsaw Man figures will also be up for grabs.

Check out some of the merchandise available at this link. Items range from buttons and badges to acrylic standees, posters, and bag tags.

Customers who do opt to spend at least 2,000 Yen (about $15 USD) on merchandise in-store at the Chainsaw Man pop-up will receive one of two gifts. The first is a a key visual card showing off the four illustrations in their poster-cropped form. The second is a random art card, featuring one of the characters seen in full. The gifts will be distributed while supplies last, with the first available from December 9, 2022, and the second available from January 2, 2023.

The Chainsaw Man pop-up store will be open from December 9, 2022 through February 15, 2023. Those with more expensive tastes can consider a $200 USD Makima figure.

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