Challengers Of Khalea Transforms Turn-Based Arena Combat Into A Ruthless Sport


If you thought that managing your party’s stats and skills in a turn-based RPG was enough work, think again. Challengers of Khalea adds a whole other layer to the practice.


The battles play out in a gladiatorial arena but most of the work in Challengers of Khalea goes on behind-the-scenes. In a way, it brings elements of sports management games to the violence of combat.


As such, you have to negotiate contracts with the warriors in your team, and they’ll expect to be paid. You’ll have to make an offer to a warrior (each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and attributes) if you want them on your team. They’ll then see if their desires match up with your team’s success, fame, and reputation to decide if they accept your offer or not.


But it’s not only warriors that you’ll have to recruit. There are also staff members to find, including Trainer, Coach, Medic, Masseur, and Quartermaster, each of which will help make your warriors the best they can be. You’ll also need to outfit your warriors with armor and weapons of course.


Once all that’s done, you take five of your warriors into the game’s online arenas to do battle against opponents. Your tactics will obviously play a big part in who ends up as the winner but for all of that to be effective you’ll need to put the work in beforehand.


Development on Challengers of Khalea is nearly finished but its team is hoping to raise $80,000 on Kickstarter to get it finished next year.

Chris Priestman