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Chandelure Will Appear in Pokemon Unite in April 2023

pokemon unite chandelure

Chandelure, as well as the option to challenge Cynthia to a battle, will appear in Pokemon Unite in late April 2023. As part of Battle Season 15, you will also be able to get Ayakashi Style versions of Talonflame and Zoroark. You can also give Japanese-themed outfits for your trainers to wear. Season 15 will run from April 21, 2023 to June 12, 2023. [Thanks, Gamer!]

More information on how Chandelure will play in Pokemon Unite will come out later. In mainline Pokemon games, Chandelure is the final form of the Litwick evolution line, and is a dual Ghost/Fire Type. It previously appeared in Pokken Tournament as well as a playable fighter. Competitively speaking, Chandelure has very high Special Attack, and its typing makes it immune to many dangers such as Stealth Rock.

Aside from Chandelure, Cynthia and her team of champion-level trainers will appear in random battles from April 21 to May 22, 2023. She will have her signature Garchomp with her. Other trainers on Cynthia’s team are Leon, Korrina, Raihan, and Green. You can get a Trainer Battle Challenge Trainer for free once every day, or you can use Aeos Coins to purchase them. After you save up enough Trainer Battle Coins from fighting Cynthia, you can get her outfit.

Pokemon Unite is available on the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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