Channel Both Fear And Rage In Upcoming Platformer Red Goddess

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Did you ever play the PlayStation platformer Pandemonium? Yanim Studio’s Red Goddess seems to be quite similar to it but with added non-linear progression and a battle against the Narrator.


The part that invites a comparison to Pandemonium is its different playable characters and their individual abilities. The main woman of Red Goddess is called Divine. She specializes in double jumping and telekinesis just as Nikki in Pandemonium is able to double jump.


The other option in Red Goddess is to play as a “mask” of Divine, an alternative persona: either Fear or Rage. In this state, you’re able to perform deadly melee combos just as Fargus in Pandemonium was able to attack with cartwheels. But Fear is only effective against blue enemies while Rage will sort out the red ones.



Aside from that, the comparison doesn’t hold up as Red Goddess takes place in the mind of its main character, battling her psyche. In fact, the entire planet it all takes place in is made from her subconscious, and in exploring it she rediscovers herself. The Narrator is always watching out for Divine and, if he spots her, will send more enemies, traps, or turn the mask against Divine to stop her.


The plan back in December was to bring Red Goddess to PC this month. Consoles will get it in April, and those include PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Wii U. Yanim Studio is currently working on confirming the game for Xbox One as well. Find out more about it on its website.

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