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Chaos;Head Noah Will Not Appear on Steam for PC

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Spike Chunsoft has announced that Chaos;Head Noah will not be on Steam. It will still come out on the Nintendo Switch. While it may not appear on the Steam storefronts, Spike Chunsoft states that it is looking into alternate ways that it can release Chaos;Head Noah on the PC. It thanked players for their patience and understanding.

Chaos;Head Noah on Steam was originally dated for a October 7, 2022 release. This was the same release date as the Switch version. According to Spike Chunsoft, the reason behind this is because Steam has requested changes to the game’s content. This is due to Steam’s guidelines. It is not clear what Steam has deemed inappropriate in Chaos;Head Noah. However, Spike Chunsoft believes that if it changes the game in adhere to Steam’s request, then it would no longer be up to standards. Independent developers and smaller publishers have surfaced complaints about Steam’s approval process for visual novels in particular, citing inconsistency and unclear guidelines about what’s actually permissible.

Chaos;Head Noah is a remake of the original Chaos;Head, which came out in 2009. The first game in developer 5pb and Nitroplus’ “Science Adventure” series, it is a science fiction visual novel with mystery and horror elements. The story also takes place in 2009 and focuses on the “New Generation Madness,” which is a string of bizarre occurrences, including grisly suicides carried out under suspicious circumstances. The player plays as Takumi Nishijou, a shut-in who suffers from delusions. The game’s Delusion Trigger System allows players to make choices when Takumi has one.

Chaos;Head Noah will come out on the Nintendo Switch on October 7, 2022. Spike Chunsoft is looking into releasing it on the Windows PC through another service. However, it didn’t specifya new PC release window or platform.

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