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Characters of Ninety-Nine Nights


When most people think of Ninety-Nine nights they think of Inphyy, the red armor wearing female warrior who stands alone on the North American cover art. There are more characters to the game. Most mix up the gameplay, but others like Tyuruu the water mage change it juristically. We have an insider look at the various characters with some gameplay tips to get players started when Ninety-Nine Nights comes out next month.


Aspharr doesn’t have long combos like Inphyy, but his moves are damaging and defensive. “Swing Rush” is very fast and the last attack knocks enemy back. “Flash Lance” can result in high combo numbers. Large groups of enemies can be dealt with “Lancer Storm.” Use “Dead-End” (level 6: YXR) series to attack the enemies who can block. “Spiral Charge” can easily be connected with other combos after landing on the ground, or use “Double-Spiral Charge” (level 7: mid jump XXY) to defeat enemies in the vicinity. He has a number of attacks that drains Orb Gauge. These are very strong and useful against bosses, but they can leave Aspharr vulnerable.

Dwingvatt has low HP and attack point. Users must make good use of his finishing moves to defeat enemy. Because his moves are very fast and have no delay, he does not get hit easily. But Dwingvatt should not be stuck in the middle of enemies. Especially for the bosses, Dwingvatt should use his escaping skills to get behind them. Most of his moves bring enemys’ guard down and have a good chance of giving critical damage. It would be good to take advantage of this even further by equipping related items.


Inphyy has fast attack moves that can be linked into long combos, but they tend to be weak. Although her finishing moves are strong, they have long delays and enemies will try to counter-attack during that time. Attack moves that are chained from “Bloody Sword” (level 2: XXXY) can result in high combo counts. Jumping attacks are also useful. Enemy blockers can be dealt with a series of attacks that start from “Impact Attack.”


Klarrann is not about long chain combos. His moves are slow, but each of them are very powerful. Be careful not to get surrounded by enemies. Almost all of his moves can bring down enemy’s guard, and especially “Kneel Before Spirits” (level 1: A) has a high chance of disabling enemy defense and stunning them at the same time. Mix up the throwing attacks that start with “Thou Art Forgiven” (level 2: XYY) and the weapon transforming attacks, and throw in Orb Attacks at the right timing, to defeat enemies quickly.


Myifee has relatively low chance of bringing down enemys’ guard or stunning them, but his moves are extremely powerful. His basic combos will become more effective as he levels up, and “Double Hand Flame” (level 1: XXXY) /”Howling Flame” (level1: YYYXX) are very powerful moves from the beginning. Myifee’s strong attacks can even damage and eventually demolish small stone walls or watch towers. Since it’s not easy to bring down boss character’s guard with Myifee, use rolling moves and jump attacks to get behind them.


Tyurru is completely different from any other character. Her attack moves consist of three types – shooting out a stream of water, throwing a mass of water, or creating small waves or gazers. “Hydra Shot” (level 1: X) is very useful to keep the enemies away, and “Dagon Wave” (level 1: YYYY) can be used in close-range combat and boss battles. “Outta Here” (level 2: hold L-trigger + Y) does a lot of damage, so it’s also good to play some tricks with this move. She is very vulnerable when surrounded by enemies at close range, so pay attention to the enemy position.


There’s also one additional “secret character” in the game we won’t reveal who it is, but the mystery character is like a tank who works best when picking up objects on the battlefield. By attacking with logs or inane computer controlled goons the secret character can give a smackdown.

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