Granblue Fantasy Relink New Characters
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Characters We’d Like to See in Granblue Fantasy Relink

After 8 long years, Granblue Fantasy Relink is finally here and playable, with a sizeable roster of characters set to be added with post-launch content. But with a cast so large, who exactly will Cygames add? Here are a few of our picks.

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Black Knight and Orchid

Granblue Fantasy Relink New Characters
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Apollonia, the Black Knight, plays an important part in the earlier arcs of Granblue Fantasy‘s story. First as a menacing adversary working for the Erste empire and later as a begrudging ally. I’ve been asking, nay, begging Cygames to add her to Versus since it released, but she could be just as interesting to see implemented as characters in Relink.

In the mobile game, she uses a mix of dark magic and swordplay, which serves as an offensive mirror to Katerina in her abilities and character. She’s also Eugen’s daughter, though the two have a rocky relationship that’s often a source of drama.

Then there is Orchid, not to be confused with Orchis, who is a different but related character. She and Apollonia have a similar relationship to Katerina and Lyria: a mysterious girl with no past protected by a sisterly knight. Orchid would be especially interesting because she fights using a stand-like automaton called Lloyd, who ensnares foes with puppet strings.

The Angels and Primarchs

Granblue Fantasy Relink New Characters
Image via Cygames

The Angel characters were introduced in the story event ‘What Makes the Sky Blue,’ starting with coffee aficionado Sandalphon and the elemental Primarchs Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel. Each of the Primarchs governed one of the four basic elements, like fire and earth, before giving up their roles, while Sandy, at one point, ‘borrowed’ all of their powers at once.

Their fighting styles also vary greatly. While Michael uses several conventional weapons, Uriel is a bare-knuckle brawler, and Raphael can strip his body into ribbons. Their natural flying ability could also make for some abnormally mobile movesets, or let them strike a wider area with their attacks.

There are also several other angels like Halluel and Malluel, Saruel, or the notorious innuendo-magnet Belial, who showed up in Versus not once but twice. Any of these would also make good choices for characters in Relink, though I’m not sure how much more Belial the universe can handle.

The Six Elemental Dragons

Granblue Fantasy Fediel
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This group of characters began as bosses before becoming playable, and each can take both a dragon form and a mortal guise. Their personalities are as strong as their powers, and their overflowing curiosity makes them fun to see bounce off the other characters.

I’d love to see switching between their various dragon and mortal forms implemented in Relink, especially characters like Wamdus and Ewiyar whose respective forms are very interesting interpretations of ‘dragons’.

Meg, Nicholas, and Robomi

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The next two characters reacted very differently to being mostly normal people in a fantastical world. For example, Meg just wanted to vacation at the beach before the annual Granblue Fantasy Summer events, and the accompanying giant fish monsters drove her mad with stress. Retreating into the mountains, she honed her body into a weapon capable of protecting her beloved beach, and she also had a flying shark named Ursula on her arm. Her story events are hilarious, and she’d suit a very mobile playstyle very well.

Nicholas, on the other hand, adapted slightly more healthily than Meg. Upon discovering an army of invading creatures, he used his engineering knowledge to create Sentai suits, high-frequency blades, and giant robots to defend his family. He and the ancient anti-creature robot Robomi would suit a playstyle built around ridiculous special attacks and mecha transformations that would play very differently from the other characters.

So these are some of the characters we’d like to see potentially added to Granblue Fantasy Relink. Who would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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